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December 2-6, 2019

Posted by [email protected] on December 10, 2019 at 10:20 AM

Happy December

As we officially enter the winter season, we believe outdoor recess is an important and valuable part of each student’s day. Fresh air, exercise and time spent outside afford students a break from the structure of the classroom. Teachers agree that students perform best at school when they have an opportunity for outdoor play, so we try to get them out whenever possible.

As a unit, we wanted to send out a brief letter sharing the primary winter attire guidelines and rules. These winter attire expectations in place to keep kids safe, warm, dry, as well as prepared to play outdoors during the chilly winter weather.

Starting now and until further notice students must come to school with the following winter attire:

  • a winter coat
  • a winter hat (hat must cover ears)
  • winter mittens or gloves
  • snow pants
  • winter snow boots (not fashion boots)

Everyday the primary teachers will inform the children of what they must wear in order to play safely outside. If your child doesn’t have snow pants or boots when there is substantial snow on the ground, he/she will still go outside, but will be required to play on a designated part of the blacktop. If this occurs a note will be sent home with the child that day reminding him/her to bring appropriate attire for the following day. If this becomes a pattern, we'll call home to come up with a plan to help the child remember appropriate attire :)

Finally, please make sure your child’s name is on all items. You would be surprised how many pairs of black snow pants get sent to Lost and Found. Also, we recommend sending waterproof or spare gloves to school, as these get easily misplaced or wet during winter play.

On a different note, thank you to everyone who helped make the QP book fair such a success. :) In addition, thank you to those who purchased books for the 3B classroom. Your contributions are truly appreciated and help make our classroom library an engaging place for students to read and find books that they love.

Here is what we did in the 3B classroom this week:



During our first few lessons on area the students learned its true definition: the number of unit squares needed to cover a region. This week the students reinforced their understanding of area by determining the area of square and rectangles. These lessons emphasized different techniques for determining area. The students used concrete examples in our classroom and used different manipulatives to better grasp the concept of area. It is important for the students to have concrete experiences with area before they solve more complex problems later in the year.

  Once we finished with our manipulatives we used the Distributive Property to break apart unknown facts into known facts. During the lesson the students learned that areas of rectangles can be used to model the Distributive Property of Multiplication. For example, by separating a 4 x 8 rectangles into a 4 x 5 rectangle and a 4 x 3 rectangle, the students were able to see the area of the 4 x 8 rectangle was equal to the sum of the areas of the two smaller rectangles. This is a very advanced concept that the students are grasping very quickly! I’m very impressed by their willingness to try new things and their determination to grasp challenging concepts.

  Toward the end of the previous week, we finished Unit 6 and looked ahead to Unit 7. Unit 7 is a very short unit, so we will test at the end of the week. Continue to practice your child’s math facts as fact families! This will help him/her develop the confidence when working toward mastering the above skill!


Science / Social Studies

The kids did a FABULOUS job finishing their posters this past week. The kids will be presenting their work on Wednesday and Thursday of this upcoming week. Both Erin and I will make sure to record the presentations so that you can all enjoy watching them from the comfort of your own homes :).

Important Reminder: All models are due by Tuesday, December 10. You can bring in the models starting on Tuesday; however, please don’t bring them in earlier. Late materials may affect a students’ grade. Thanks for your help!


Reading / Writing

Our newest language arts unit is Poetry. Often times poetry is thought of short excerpts or clips that rhyme or are based on nature. This week the students learned the poetry comes in many forms, including long, chapter books.

  As a class, we are reading a new chapter (poetry) book called Out of the Dust. In powerful and lyrical free verse, Billie Jo Kelby tells the story of her life on the Oklahoma prairie from the winter of 1934 through the autumn of 1935. Here is a description from Scholastic: “Despite the constant dust storms and the struggle to make ends meet, Billie Jo is happy with her life. She loves to play the piano, her mother is pregnant with a much-wanted child, and her father is determined to keep their farm and home. Then a terrible accident brings tragedy into Billie Jo’s life….Set against the backdrop of the Dust Bowl and the hardships faced by prairie families, the novel is a testament to the power of hope and the triumph of the human spirit.”

  This is a wonderful book; however, our main characters do experience many hardships over the course of the story. Every week I will send out detailed questions for you and your family. I encourage you to take the time to talk with your child about the book each week. I’m confident you’ll be impressed with their thoughtfulness and insight.


In our current chapter the students are learning about the ways Catholics listen and talk to God in Prayer. During class this week I asked the students to think of the Church’s prayer as a great river. At the depths of this river, always flowing, is liturgical prayer: the Mass, the sacraments, and the Liturgy of the Hours. At every moment of every day, all across the world, this great river of prayer is always accessible.

The students learned that there are different forms or prayer: prayers of praise, thanksgiving, petition, intercession, and blessing. We use these forms of prayer to speak to God, loved ones, and the saints. We ask God to help our families and friends, we express gratitude, ask forgiveness for our mistakes, and ask for God’s blessings. I encourage you, as a family, to talk about these different forms of prayer. You could even write down different prayers for the different types of prayer and pray for them as a family.

Note about Mass on Thursday, December 12: December 12th is approaching, which is is the day in which we celebrate our dear Lady of Guadalupe throughout the world. The Spanish department would like to have each of our students bring a flower to school. We are planning to collect them at the lobby in the main entrance. When the school day starts, some of these flowers will be brought to mass and the rest of them will be taken in representing our school at the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass at the CMC. The flowers will adorn the altar for that special Mass at the CMC. We believe that this is a beautiful way to celebrate our dear Lady of Guadalupe.


Our newest spelling words are up and online. These words are contractions. Contractions are not terribly difficult to spell; however, remember where to put the apostrophe can cause confusion. Extra practice at home is important. Continue to use www.spellingcity.com as resource for your child’s weekly spelling list.

Here are our new words:

  • New Words: I’d, he’s, haven’t, doesn’t, let’s, there’s, wouldn’t, what’s, she’s, aren’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, he’d, they’re
  • Review Words: can’t, isn’t
  • Challenge Words: we’re, weren’t, examined, mist

In Conclusion:

Thank you again for a wonderful week. It is truly a joy having your children in my class. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Mrs. Robyn Bernecker

[email protected]


Love in Every Word, Respect in Every Action, Confidence in Every Heart.




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