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November 11-15, 2019

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Crazy Weather!

Wow! What crazy weather we’ve been having! This November has certainly felt more like December, with all the cold temperature and snow. Thank you for sending your child to school with appropriate outside attire! When snow is on the ground AND when the temperatures drop below freezing, we want the kids to be bundled up and safe.

  Quick note #1: our room parents will be sending out information regarding our Thanksgiving celebration in 3B within the next week. Please be on the lookout for ways that you can help out!

Quick note #2: the third graders will lead our school in a Prayer Service on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. More information regarding reading/singing parts will go home later this week. We hope you can join!


Here is what we did in third grade this week:


This week the students continued to learn different strategies to use while multiplying and dividing. As mentioned last week, a multiplication table is a wonderful tool for students to use when searching for patterns in factors and products. During our lessons this week the students took what they knew about the multiplication table and applied it to solving word problems and also creating math stories.

Students were asked to recognize situations in which multiplication could be used to join equal groups, count objects in an array, or tell how many in all by using bar diagrams. The kids then translated the symbolic language of mathematics into writing their own math stories.

These lessons truly emphasized application and fluency within multiplication. Writing multiplication stories gives students the opportunity to improve their fluency in multiplication as they become adept in the linguistics of mathematics. These lessons demonstrated that students have mastered key mathematics principles and were able to tackle the challenges of not only solving word problems, but also write them!

It was a blast to see the kids work in their groups to create and then solve each other’s word problems. At the end of the week, I chose the most “challenging” math story that was created and we worked on solving it as a class. Make sure to ask your child to write his/her own math story! Give your child a math fact and have him/her create the story that centralizes around the numbers.

At home remember to practice your child’s math facts as fact families! This will help him/her develop the confidence when working toward mastering the above skill!


The students are doing a great job writing their non-fiction pieces. Most of the students are finishing up their second drafts and will be peer editing this upcoming week. The students have had a blast writing their memoirs and I’ve loved reading some of the exciting adventures that these kids have experienced. This writing piece will take place through the first two weeks of December, so make sure to ask your child what memorable experience he/she is writing about in school!

This past week we finished reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. As mentioned last week, this story follows a young girl living in Japan who is affected by the radiation for the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima during World War II. Unfortunately, Sadako passes away from leukemia at the end of the story; however, her story has become an inspiration to people around the world about positivity, loving one’s family, and developing a sense of courage when all seems lost. Here are some questions you can ask your child to check for comprehension:


  1. Does Sadako finish making her paper cranes?
  2. What gift does Sadako’s mom, Mrs. Sasaki, give Sadako before she passes away?
  3. The Sasaki celebrates the holiday of O’Bon. What is O’Bon and what holiday in Mexico does it relate to?
  4. What did the country of Japan do to honor Sadako?


Social Studies/Science:

The students are working SO hard on their inventor projects! This past week the students spent their time researching their inventor and his/her invention. Ms. Schuenemann and I shared different websites with your children via our google drive. Each child then spent time researching different information regarding their inventor. Each student is responsible for answering a minimum of 10 questions regarding the inventor/invention:


  1. When was the inventor born?
  2. Where did he/she grow up?
  3. What is the invention and what does it do?
  4. What are some of the materials that he/she used to build his/her invention?
  5. What inspired your inventor to create his/her invention?
  6. What makes this invention important?
  7. In your opinion, what was the greatest challenge the inventor faced when making the invention?
  8. How did the invention change the world?
  9. How have people improved upon your inventor’s invention?
  10. List at least one fun fact about your inventor or his/her invention.



Thus far, the kids are all on task to completing their notecards on time! Should anyone not complete their notecards by next week, he/she may need to work on answering any left over questions at home. Make sure to check-in with your child when at home about how his/her research is going.



This week the students started their newest chapter. Within Chapter 5 the students are learning different ways that the Church celebrates. The students learned that the celebration of the Eucharist is the Church’s most important form of worship. In the Eucharist, the Church remembers what Jesus said and did at the Last Supper and receives the Body and Blood of Christ.


This week the students are working on Unit 3: Lesson 11 for their spelling words. These words all follow the pattern of the vowel sound oi/oy. Make sure to use www.spellingcity.com as resource for your child’s weekly spelling list.

Here are our new words:


  • New Words: joy, point, voice, join, oil, coin, noise, spoil, toy, joint, boy, soil, choice, boil
  • Review Words: come, are
  • Challenge Words: poison, destroy, athletes, improve


In Conclusion:

Thank you again for a wonderful week. It is truly a joy having your children in my class. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Mrs. Robyn Bernecker

[email protected]

Love in Every Word, Respect in Every Action, Confidence in Every Heart.


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