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September 23-27, 2019

Posted by [email protected] on September 30, 2019 at 10:15 AM

A Cooler Week!

The students and teachers at QP were so appreciative for the change in weather! We certainly had a warm spell, so this “cooler” weather is a nice change of pace (plus, the mosquitoes have died down). It looks like Monday and Tuesday will be “warmer,” but the tail end of the upcoming week will be good, fall weather. Make sure to send your child with sweaters/jackets to school.

In other news, our Fun Run took place this last Friday. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this kids AND for those of you who donated to our school and incredible causes.

Field Trip:

If you have not yet sent in your child’s field trip permission forms, please do so. They were due by Friday. Here is the list of parent chaperones in 3B: Denise Damato, Laura Lalik, Katelyn Klein, Kathy Diehl, Jodi Pahs, Michael Block, and Colleen Kenney. We are HOPING to eat at Cave of the Mounds; however, the weather looks like it may prevent us from doing that. We will still be visiting the cave regardless of rain, so please dress appropriately! Since we may be eating back at school (in our classrooms), please do your best to avoid sending food with nuts. Thank you for understanding! Also, ALL COLD LUNCH MUST BE SENT IN A DISPOSABLE BAG!

If you are a parent chaperone please read the following information:

Basic Itinerary for October 5, 2018:

  • 8:20 AM (approximately) Students leave Our Lady Queen of Peace School (parents meet at Cave of the Mounds)
  • 8:50 AM (approximately) Arrive at Cave of the Mounds and meet parent chaperones
  • 8:50-9:00 AM (Pending arrival) Eat a quick snack (provided by teachers) and get into field trip groups.
  • 9:00-10:00 AM SpeleoQUEST program--Exploring the formation of caves
  • 10:00-11:30 AM Cave Tour
  • 11:30 AM-12:00 PM Bathroom breaks and lunch at picnic tables (weather pending.)
  • 12:00 PM Leave Cave of the Mounds
  • 12:30 PM Arrive back at Our Lady Queen of Peace School

Here is what we did in third grade this week:



During our math lessons this year, the students have used different mathematical practices to solve word problems. This week, we had an opportunity to stop and focus on the “thinking habits” that problem solvers use when they model word equations.

Here is a sample world problem that the students were given this week: At the pet store, Sarah bought a hamster that cost $10. He also bought 5 mice at $4 each. How much money did Sarah spend in all?

The first thing we did in order to develop strong “thinking habits” was to figure out what we needed to know in order to determine how much Sarah spent at the pet store. (We need to know how much Sarah spent on hamsters and on mice.) Then, we determined what operations we could use to solve the problem. (We can use addition and multiplication. First we multiply to find the costs of the hamster and the mice. Then we add the two products.) 

Some problems have more than one step, or even hidden questions that must be answered first. Our lessons this week emphasized the application of the math facts we have learned thus far. By applying a variety of mathematical practices to a diverse number of multiplication problems, students are able to show that they have gained conceptual understanding of multiplication. 

Next week we will start learning new math facts (such as 6s, 7s, and 8s). I will also be sending home some practice “time tests” for you as a family. As mentioned in my last newsletter, we ultimately want our students to develop a mastery of their multiplication math facts. Continued practice at home really helps reinforce what is learned at school. Continue to work on the math facts that I sent home last week, and also look for the new math fact triangles and math fact sheets that get sent home next week.

Reading / Writing:

This week the students completed our fairy tale unit. The students read between 6-10 different fairy tales and folktales (depending on size and difficulty). Make sure to ask your child some of the following questions about the books that were read:

  • Which fairy tale or folktale was you favorite book?
  • What are some examples from the book that show why you feel this way?
  • What is one “moral” or life lesson that you learned from the book?
  • Why is it important for us to learn and live out the moral of the story? 

Just a reminder that the kids are performing on Monday and Wednesday for the last hour of the day. Kids are not provided costumes here at school, as the goal is for the kids to use their imagination :). If a child wants to bring in props he/she may :).

Here is the 3B students and the days that they are performing for our fairy tale performances:. 

  • Monday, September 30 (1-2pm): Keira, Mason, Alex, Will, Bentley, Gigi, Noah, Madeline, Pryor, Landon, Abby, Jack N, and Sam
  • Wednesday, October 2 (2-3pm): Greta, Oscar, Michael, Josiah, Elliott, Daniella, Beckett, Fallon, Max, Gwen, Layla, Jack K, and Ian

Social Studies:

This past week we finished unit 1 by taking our first social studies test. I was blown away by their performance! Tests were sent home with your child. Our newest social studies unit focuses on communities and geography. We will be learning about different natural resources, how to protect our environment, and different landforms across the United States. Here are some questions you can ask your child to prepare for the next unit:

  • What are natural resources and what kinds of natural resources can be found in Wisconsin?
  • How do you think geography affects people’s lives in different communities?
  • How do you think people adapt to and modify the physical environment of their communities?

Science with Ms. Schuenemann: 

Last week, students took the Unit 1 science test. Students put a lot of time and effort into studying for the test and their hard work paid off. Following the test, I wanted to make sure that everyone had some background knowledge on caves before our field trip. We had a brief discussion about the different types of caves which include, sea caves, glacier caves, lava caves, wind caves, and solution caves. The students learned that the Cave of the Mounds is a great example of a solution cave. A solution cave can be formed when rainwater mixes with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This causes the rain to be slightly acidic. When the rain water meets limestone (or another dissolvable rock/mineral), the rock begins to erode and eventually form a cave. Our next unit of study will cover habitats, heredity and change over time. Some of the big questions we will explore in this topic are:

  • How are plants and animals from the past similar or different from current plants, animals, and environments?
  • What happens to organisms when their environment changes?
  • How can animals increase their survivability?


This week the students learned that the Church is a community for all people who believe in God and follow Jesus. The word church comes from a word meaning “a gathering of people called by God.” From the beginning, God called humans to share in his life. Jesus initiated the Church and established the Reign of God. The students also learned that the word church has other meanings as well. It refers to the Eucharist assembly. In its largest sense, the Church means the universal Church throughout the world. 

Third grade is a time when the social group often becomes important to children. As I mentioned during our open house, they want to know that they belong and have friends. As a result, this is the perfect age to talk about the Church and school and communities of faith. It’s especially important that third graders have time to spend with peers at church and are able to form friendships in their school and parish communities.


This week our new spelling words are simple words with the long i sound. In the list the long i is spelt with an i, igh, or ie. Continue to use www.spellingcity.com as resource for your child’s weekly spelling list.

Here are our new words:

  • New Words: slight, mild, sight, pie, mind, tie, pilot, might, lie, tight, blind, flight, dies, midnight
  • Review Words: find, night
  • Challenge Words: silent, frightening, stands, score 

In Conclusion:

Thank you again for a wonderful week. It is truly a joy having your children in my class. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Mrs. Robyn Bernecker

[email protected]

Love in Every Word, Respect in Every Action, Confidence in Every Heart.

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